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Top 5 Famous Architects in the World

Architects have played an astronomical role in our lives today. From the modest houses, we marvel to historical buildings you can instantly recognize. Many great architects buildings have decorated our cities and graced our skylines, and it is almost impossible to pick out the best of them all. Highlighted below are the top 5 Architect who have paved the way for the cutting edge innovation, ingenious design and have become the pioneers of our built environment.

1. Sagrada Familia By Antoni Gaudi

Born in 1952 in the Catalonia region, Antoni Gaudi has come to epitomize the Spanish architecture. He believed he would glorify God by taking his architectural designs from nature.

His tact seemed to have worked successfully- since his various designs are a kaleidoscope of curves, with different colors and textures. Although his work can be vividly viewed all over Barcelona, one of the most outstanding pieces of his work is the iconic Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia.

2. Burj Al Arab- By Tom Wright

Tom Wright is regarded to be one of the youngest architects. However, his work on the most iconic buildings of all times hands him a position to appear in this list. Wright is a British born responsible for building one of the most famous and recognizable hotel, the Burj Al Arab situated in Dubai. It is among the tallest buildings in the world today.

His dream was to create an icon in Dubai. A building that will forever be associated with the Gulf Emirate, just like Eiffel Tower in Paris. His architectural design is unique since it was meant to mimic the sail of a dhow. The building has the world’s tallest atrium. Besides, it is equipped with its helicopter landing pad. Also, it has the tallest tennis court at the top.

3. Barcelona Pavilion- By Ludwig Mies

Referred merely to us Mies, the German -American born architecture is known as one of the pioneers of modern architecture along with Gropius. He is known for his less is more or the minimalist approach to architecture, and his forward thinking of using structural steel and plate glass to divide the interior of spaces.

His innovative open floor, interior and furniture style concepts are still being used in today’s interior and architecture. Moreover, his notable projects include Barcelona Pavilion and the Crown Hall in Chicago.

4. Guggenheim Museum and fallingWater-By Frank Lloyd.

When considered to be one of the greatest architects of all time, it is not easy to pick one of your best projects. In this case, Lloyd cannot be mentioned without referring to his two best world wonders: The famous Fallingwater, an opulent home built in 1935. The building sits flawlessly over a waterfall in South-western Pennsylvania. It is a masterpiece that merges perfectly well with the natural surrounding. Besides, it is the envy of anyone who ever wanted to live in a luxurious place in nature.

Moreover, the Guggenheim Museum in New York City presents another iconic piece that Lloyd has worked on. It is famous for its design as the masterpieces it house inside.

5. The White House-by Hoban James

Ask anyone around and probably you will get nearly the same answer, to what is the most recognizable house in the world.

Designed by James Hoban, The White House harbors a unique and transcending design. Hoban submitted the design plan in 1770 for the mansion and won the construction tender in 1793. The building is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is build up from white painted Aquia sandstone.

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